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Taping and Texturing

Taping and texture is a certain type of finish used once the drywall is installed to obtain a seamless clean finish. This finish covers up any seams or strips from your drywall installment and can provide a modern aesthetic. Including having the ability to repaint on top of your walls without any issues. It also offers quick and easy repairs if any damages are done by simply adding more mud to the damaged area. Create a beautiful and seamless transition for your drywall installation to cover up the nails and cracks between each panel using taping and texture services.

Tape And Texture Design
Drywall texture offers many design options that can be used for any walls or ceilings. These tape and texture designs adds character and a perfect aesthetic for your home or commercial building. One texture is called a popcorn design that’s mostly used for ceilings which can dampen the sound because of its thick application. The orange peel is a basic texture that has the color of an orange skin. The slap brush is used to obtain a texture of brushes that is pushed into the mud after it is placed on. You can also use a texture called comb which is designed into many lines creating a rainbow shape that’s repeated throughout.

How It’s Done
Taping and texture is accomplished to help create a seamless wall or ceiling without showing any seams or strips. The seams are filled with a drywall mud that’s then taped, sanded, and mudded again until the walls or ceilings are seamless. Multiple coats are sometimes needed to cover the cracks and nails. The mud can come in a setting-type that fills gasps and comes in different setting types that usually hardens faster. Then there is a drying type that comes in three forms of taping, topping, and an all-purpose system. All the joints are covered completely to create one seamless wall or ceiling that has no strips or edges.

Benefits Using Taping And Texture
The use of taping and texturing can be very beneficial for residential and commercial buildings to create on interior walls and ceilings. This provides a seamless clean finish to your walls and ceilings that reveals no strips or seams that’s usually shown when you install drywall panels. Using this type of finish can make it easier to add interior paints and décor since it will be already prepped. It also can help when having any damages because it can be repaired easily by applying more drywall mud. Upgrade and give your walls and ceilings a tape and texture finish for one seamless drywall installation.

Any walls or ceilings can obtain damages which will need to be repaired to help maintain the structure and will obtain a beautiful appearance. Tape and texture finish create one seamless wall or ceiling that overtime can crack. Patching up the cracks can be completed with ease by applying more drywall mud and smoothing it out to resemble one smooth surface. Many damage repairs can be done by applying this compound and using a patch that will help keep the mud from falling through the hole. Once again you sand down the surface to meet the rest of the wall or ceiling and repaint it to maintain the overall appearance.