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Popcorn Ceiling Removal

Popcorn ceilings were a type of texture used when applying drywall plaster to your commercial and residential ceilings. This type of texture is the perfect way to hide any damages and you don’t even need to paint it afterwards. However, it can be difficult to clean from any dust or cobwebs that get caught up in it. Removing popcorn ceiling texture can be difficult and messy but can be completed with the help from professional drywall contractors who haves the right techniques, products, and equipment needed for removal. Remove your popcorn ceiling to reveal a smooth surface for your residential and commercial properties.

Popcorn Ceiling Texture
Popcorn ceiling texture has been around for years that is a common finish for many commercial or residential ceilings. Its texture is completed by using a spray on or paint on texture that resembles a popcorn or cottage cheese appearance. This style has been beneficial to help hide any imperfections or to leave a finished ceiling without having to paint over it. Including helping minimize any sound for a better acoustic sounding building or home. However, if popcorn texture as used in the 70s than it contained asbestos which is now illegal due to health conditions. If any ceiling has been completed during that era than you should get it removed and re-installed with a better popcorn material.

How To Repair Popcorn Ceiling
Repairing popcorn texture ceilings can be accomplished by using the proper tools and equipment needed to complete any repairs. When having water damage on your popcorn finished ceilings, you should get it repaired immediately. You can simple scrape off the popcorn material until it’s all gone around that part. Then you repaint on top of it with a primer and more popcorn paint to repair any water damaged areas. Any cracks should also be repaired with sanding down the ceiling, installing more drywall mud and then adding on the tape and texture on top. If your popcorn ceiling has asbestos in it than it should be completely removed and repaired.

How To Remove Popcorn Texture
Removing popcorn texture should be done if your ceilings were created in the 70s since asbestos has been used in the material and is a health risk. Removing popcorn texture can be difficult and messy which is why you should prepare for the mess by using drop cloths over furniture and your flooring. You should also remove any lighting fixtures to gain more access to the ceilings. Once that is completed you need to wet the surface with a pump sprayer and continuously scrape each area at a time to remove the material. Once you obtain a clean surface than you have completed the removal and can paint your ceilings to fit your aesthetic.

After Removal
Once the popcorn ceiling is finished and completely removed, you can update your ceilings with a different texture pattern or by painting it. If your ceiling looks damaged and needs repairs, you should complete that before adding anything onto it. Fix your ceilings by using drywall mud to repair the cracks and holes, including sanding down the surface to obtain a clean surface. During this time, you can add another tape and texture design that fits your commercial or residential ceilings. You can also repaint your ceiling surface with any array of colors to help design a perfect aesthetic for any home or building desired.